About Us

The Founder, R.C.C.I.M & R.C.C.I.C

Redemption Christian Center International Ministries {R.C.C.I.M.} and Redemption Christian Center International Church {R.C.C.I.C.} are a non-denominational and a Christ centered word of faith Ministry and Church.

Rev. Alex K. Mfum is the President/Founder and the General Overseer of R.C.C.I.M. and also the Senior Pastor of R.C.C.I.C.; who was called by God in a very dramatic way at the age of 19 years.

He received the vision for Redemption Christian Center International Ministries in 1982 while a student in Ghana, West-Africa. During his time of preparation, Pastor Alex was actively involved in various outreaches in hospitals, schools, churches, prisons, the streets, market places, villages and cities crusades and also in buses; all in attempt to pursue the vision God has shown him. In 1985, Pastor Alex attended Full Gospel Bible College in Tema, Ghana.

 As shown in the vision, God sent him to America as a missionary to the nations in 1988; with the mandate to reach all people on the face of the earth with Christ’s Redemption Message. As instructed, Pastor Alex began R.C.C.I.M. as a home fellowship group,

Teaching and Preaching the Word of God every Sunday afternoons in 1992. The first meeting was held with seven people in his then one bedroom apartment in Worcester, Massachusetts. In July 1993, Redemption Christian Center International Church {R.C.C.I.C.} was birthed.

Redemption Christian Center International Ministries’ sole mission is to Preach and Teach Christ’s Redemption and its Benefits to our Generation; - {Ephesians 1:3-14 is our foundational Word}.

Redemption Christian Center International Church {R.C.C.I.C.} is a central God’s Light House of Worship in the New England Region for all nations of people, both great and small. It is a place where people are empowered to move from defeat and failure into becoming the Champions they were born for in this world. And, this is our mandate!


Rev. Dr. Alex K. Mfum
Founder & President
"When the clouds, the rain, gloominess, despair and even turbulent winds and dust rage against you, know for sure they do not last forever. Determine to keep your head up and stand tall, you will doubtlessly shine at the end like the bright morning star. Obscurity is not your banner in life"

Since 1993, Redemption Christian Center International Church continues to be a cutting edge, a vibrant and a thriving, inner city multicultural charismatic church in the New England Region based in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Church is inspiring multitudes from all walks of life to realize that in Christ each individual can become the CHAMPION he or she was born to be, regardless of ethnicity.

Redemption Christian Center International Church is a diverse international community of believers with a spirit of excellence and professionalism that is warm, family centered and welcoming to all. The Church has an international flavor and worship style that appeals to professionals, college students and all, both great and small, who seek to grow in the fullness of Christ and also desire to become their dream. The spiritual atmosphere and worship are unique.

Rev. Alex K. Mfum, the Senior Pastor, is an internationally known speaker, teacher, author and a visionary leader with an ability to speak to a diverse audience. He constantly inspires and motivates his audience under the power of the Holy Spirit of God through the Word to reach their full potential on the stage of life. Pastor Alex is overwhelmed with a burden, he is driven to truly see all people achieve their dreams and make their aspirations become a reality to the glory of God. He is not just a preacher and teacher of the Word, but indeed a true visionary leader by example. He uses his life and practical life situations to drive home the revelations embedded in the Word of God; this makes the Word easy to understand and applicable to all who desire to win in life.

At Redemption Christian Center International Church, the Wisdom of God to win in life is taught constantly through the Word. It is a Word based Church which seeks to empower people to become familiar with the mind of God; with the intent to transform, establish, prosper and prepare people for the Kingdom of God. Pastor Alex through his God-given unique ability to teach, presents the Word undiluted and with clarity.

This Church is designed to inspire the best in you! The message equips individuals with daily and relevant resources with the intent to empower the audience to fulfill their purpose through real, simple and practical principles from the inspired Word of God. The teachings are as real and plain as possible to make its application easy for all; they soon discover for themselves that instead of becoming victims and dropouts, they are conquering and winning in the game of life.

Daily lives of people are being transformed for the best through this dynamic ministry. If you, your family and friends therefore seek a place of worship where Christ Jesus and the Word of God are exalted so that one can grow and become what they were born to be; then come and fellowship at Redemption Christian Center International Church and the God of the Bible will meet and transform you for the best.

Redemption Christian Center International Church is the place where CHAMPIONS are being raised and where EVERYONE matters to God. Come join the family of Winners and people going places! Constantly remind yourself that the God inside you will always outlast any storm that comes against you.

Contact information: www.RCCIM.org / RCCIC@aol.com / (508) 797-0061